Month: October 2017



Third Quarter GDP shows 3.1% Growth Rate

The numbers: The U.S. grew at a solid 3% annual pace in third quarter despite damage from two hurricanes, according to Commerce Department data. That’s above economist expectations of a 2.7% growth rate, according to a MarketWatch survey, and only slightly below the 3.1% growth rate in the second quarter. 10.27.17

How Long Will $1 Million last in Retirement?

Data analysis site analyzed how far $1 Million will last in retirement in every state.  As expected, your funds will last the shortest amount of time in Hawaii, D.C. and California.  Indiana comes in at a respectable #11 where your money will last just north of 24 years.  One surprise in this was Tennessee coming in at #3 for best states to retire in.  The article also has a retirement income calculator where you can add your annual income, current savings and monthly savings and it will project your total savings at retirement as well as your recommended savings.  We are not sure how the site comes up with the recommended savings so please use it just as an interesting tool and not for your true Financial Planning.