Month: February 2019



Netflix Phishing Scam

Please take the time to read this important article.  It seems that on a weekly basis there are different scams coming from firms that appear to come from businesses that we know.  It usually comes in the form of an email from a company – in this case Netflix – and they say that there is a problem with your account – an address change, an expired credit card or something of that nature.  They provide you with an easy link to their website to go and correct the situation.  The problem is, it is not their website.  It is a website that looks identical to the company you think it is.  Once you enter your account information and password, the scammer has it.  They can then go to your Netflix account and login and get your credit card information.  In addition to that, they will also go to Amazon, Wal Mart, Gmail, any other popular place and try to use the exact same user id and password to try to get into additional accounts.  Never click a link in an email like this.  Go directly to the website yourself and then login. 02.28.19

Everything you need to do before retirement

Retiring is a huge transition in a person’s life and there are many things that need to be considered before taking the plunge.  This article talks about preparations for retirement such as budgeting, setting up your Social Security benefits, health care choices, lifestyle and relationship issues.  Going into retirement without a plan or inadequate savings can send a person into a tailspin and give them the feeling that they have lost their purpose or identity.  Of all of the things mentioned, budgeting takes the top priority.  In your budget, be sure to be honest and put in realistic spending amounts.  Make sure to add in hobbies and entertainment because you won’t want to be sitting around your home all day. 02.14.19

Married Couples now Have Roommates

Back in 2008, before the collapse of real estate, we thought home prices were high.  This article talks about West Coast real estate – especially in California and Seattle.  It is so expensive to buy a home in California that married couples are having to take on roommates to help with the costs of home ownership.   The article states that the number of married couples living with roommates has doubled since 1995.  Approximately 280,000 married couples now live with a roommate.  The one thing that most people agree on is that you must set ground rules that everybody agrees on and to keep the communication open.   We are a bit concerned that housing prices have increased so fast.  We do believe that the quality of buyers is better than it was pre-2008, but a downturn in home prices can still have a devastating effect on people’s financial situation. 02.12.19