Month: May 2019



Buying a Vacation Home for Retirement

When it comes to retirement,the first thing that comes to mind for a lot of people is buying a vacation home to spend part of your retirement years.  This article goes into detail about some of the things that you need to consider before you buy – after the question of “Can I afford it?’  A couple of the items that most people don’t consider are things like renting out your vacation home and who is going to take care of the property when you are not there?  Will you have a security system installed to protect the property as well as maintaining the normal protections?  Any person considering a retirement vacation home should read this article before it becomes a money pit during their retirement years. 05.29.19

Safest Sunscreens

We decided to get away from all of the financial articles with this one and focus on summer.  Even though the weather has not been the greatest, we still believe summer is around the corner. With that being said, this article talks about the best sunscreen that you can buy for your money.   Believe it or not, there is a non profit environmental research organization that actually tests all of the products and reports back.  Who is the winner?  You will have to read the article to see.   All of these products can be found on Amazon for under $15.  Enjoy and have a great summer! 05.22.19

Ten Most Versatile College Majors

We have opened hundreds of 529 accounts for our clients’ children or grandchildren so we know that this article brings up a major concern for some people.  Many children who go to college have no idea what they want to major in when they get there.   The article says that nearly one in three first-time college students switch their major at least once within three years.   The major reason for making the switch is that they have no clue on what they want to do once they graduate college.  It takes them a few years to decide what career is best suited for them.   This article takes a look at the 10 most versatile majors for college – degrees that you can have a fighting chance at getting out and getting a job.  If you know somebody in college or getting ready to go, you might want to send them a copy of these versatile majors. 05.20.19