Month: June 2019



Salesman Dishes on How to Get a Good Deal on a Car

This article takes you inside the mind of a 30 year veteran car salesman and tips on how to get a better deal on a new car.  With the internet providing easy to access information, you should start by doing your homework online and finding the car you are looking for and representative prices for that car.  According to the article, dealers don’t like to be shopped.  Be prepared when buying a new car and do your homework before buying your next car.  06.27.19

How AI is catching People

Artificial intelligence is putting new teeth on the old saw that cheaters never prosper.New companies and new research are applying the cutting edge technology in at least three different ways to combat cheating — on homework, on the job hunt and even on one’s diet.

In California, a new company called Crosschq is using machine learning and data analytics to help employers with the job reference process. The technology is meant to help companies avoid bad hires and compare how job candidates present themselves with how their references see them. 06.10.19

4 Part Time Jobs for Retirees

Most people call it their “encore career”, the job that they take during retirement that will help them earn an extra income as well as possibly being more fulfilling than their working career.  Studies show that nearly half of retirees have worked or plan on working during their retirement years.  So what are these fulfilling jobs – Consultant, interpreter or translator, project manager, bookkeeper and professor.  While these jobs might sound somewhat difficult to find and land, the article goes into specifics on how to find the job and how much income you might expect to make.  If you are looking for your encore career you should read this article to learn more. 06.10.19

4 Gorgeous Beach Towns for under $40K per year

On the beach, and on a budget? That can be a reality for retirees — that is, if they know where to look. The average over-65 household in America drops $49,000 a year on everything from housing to food, according to the Census Bureau. But you don’t have to spend that much and, in fact, can spend far less — and retire to a sunny beach town. (No, really.)

MarketWatch looked at beach towns across America where the overall cost of living was significantly below average, where housing was reasonably priced and where there are plenty of things to see and do. (Though we can’t promise that summers won’t be hot, and your hurricane risk is admittedly elevated.) We found four attractive beach towns where you could spend roughly $40,000 a year and live a decent lifestyle. 06.03.19