The Future of Tesla and the Electric Car

Many of our clients have taken an interest in the electric car company, Tesla.  This week, opinion writer Vitaliy Katsenelson wrote about the future of Tesla and the future of the electric car industry. As more and more tech companies invest billions into larger and faster-charging batteries, the industry will evolve tremendously. According to Vitaliy, “Tesla doesn’t own the battery-cell technology that goes into its batteries; that belongs to its partner, Japanese conglomerate Panasonic.” The battery is a key technology for Tesla, but at the moment Panasonic is in control of a big part of it. Just as Apple chose to bring development of the CPU that powers its iPhone in-house, Tesla may eventually increase its control over its battery technology. While in the short run battery technology is going to be an important differentiating factor, in the long run the EV battery will likely become a commodity and the differentiating factors will be in software and self-driving capability.  10.08.19