Many Americans have found a love for the streaming service Netflix. While this love blossomed, it became a popular investment for the amateur trader. Although its price has risen significantly since its founding, Netflix is still a company that you may want to investigate a little deeper before purchasing stock. Netflix is projecting revenue of $5.25 billion, up 31.3% from a year ago, with earnings per share of $1.04. That would be 26% growth in the second quarter. Despite the upward trend in revenue, the company added 2.7 million new subscribers, well short of its previous guidance for 5 million.

Guggenheim analyst Michael Morris notes that investors are especially focused on membership trends after last quarter’s miss. Morris wrote in a report that some third-party services that track app downloads suggest another potential miss this quarter, adding some recent pressure to the stock. That said, he maintains a Buy rating, and adds that his own survey data suggests members trends are consistent with guidance. 10.14.19