Samsung’s new smartphone features could beat Apple

Apple’s latest flagship product, the iPhone 11 series, is looking to innovate, and Samsung, an industry competitor, has begun its own game of leaks to entice the interest of a wider audience. Samsung’s new Galaxy S11 is looking to be a fierce competitor with the ever-popular iPhone. First, Samsung has reportedly been upgrading their cameras, now with a mind-boggling 108-megapixel resolution and a lens that enables 5x optical zoom. Next, the phone’s new display is suspected to be similar to those before it, with Samsung’s dubbed “Infinity Display” and a small front camera. Further, the S11 could be the first Galaxy phone without buttons, although that is still unknown. Next, and maybe most importantly, Samsung’s upcoming flagship may also feature a special, graphene-based battery, which could substantially improve charging times and total battery capacity. Unfortunately, this battery may not be used until 2021. Before you jump into a new iPhone11, make sure to take a look at the competition for the best bang-for-your-buck.  10.29.19