When can kids play contact sports?

The question of “when can our kids start playing contact sports?” has come up in a few times in some client meetings. Recently, the Associated Press published an article on MarketWatch that may help many parents across the country decide when is too soon. Pediatric experts in sports medicine, neurology and related fields evaluated and rated three decades of sports concussion-related research. Recent evidence has filled in many of the blanks in research. Here is what we found most interesting among their conclusions: kids should be taught collision techniques before beginning play in contact sports and that evidence is inconclusive on whether multiple childhood concussions are linked with long-term neurological changes. A member of Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital, Cynthia LaBella, emphasized to the Associated Press that concussions can happen in all recreational activities and said the physical, mental and social benefits of playing organized sports outweigh the risks of any injury, including concussions. Hopefully this may help you decide when to let your children play contact sports. 11.11.19