Top 10 Reasons to Invest Your Money

   To the majority of Americans, investment is a familiar term. People see investment as a means to an end, but they might be missing out on the idea of investment and why it is beneficial. Many Americans see investment as a fast track to retire early, or to retire in a sound financial position, but it can be much more than that. For example, investing can be used to achieve other financial goals such as paying off a house or car mortgage; investment is not just used to build up retirement accounts. Also, investing allows people to become part of new ventures in the economy. When new, cutting edge companies are founded, they need capital to invest. This allows people willing to invest the opportunity to become part of a venture that is much larger than themselves. Investment also allows people to set a financial foundation for the next generation. By investing, establishing a portfolio, and building up financial stability, parents can help ensure the financial stability of their children.