Month: November 2020



How to shop safely on Black Friday

While the biggest shopping day of the year is this week and Christmas is right around the corner, this article talks about ways that you can shop this Friday while Covid cases have been on the rise. Normal Black Friday’s have shoppers in massive crowds and in close proximity to each other – most likely not this year! With Covid deaths averaging 1,300 per day, public health officials have issue bold warnings not only about shopping, but getting together for Thanksgiving day itself. The ideas that this article explores are as simple as spreading your shopping out over several days versus just one day and doing more of your shopping online. Be safe and happy shopping.

Goldman Sachs increased their S&P 500 Target

Now that we have hopes for a vaccine to fight against COVID-19 from Pfizer, a Goldman Sachs analyst is saying that this is an even more important development than the US presidential election and the new policies that may come from that. Goldman boosted their year-end price target on the S & P 500 Index to 3,700 from 3,600. They are also targeting 4,300 by the end of 2021 and 4,600 by the end of 2022. One reason why this is so significant is that they are seeing positive markets and a positive economy over the next two years. I think we would all agree that as little as 6 months ago, a lot of people were expecting a prolonged recession that could last years.

Second Stimulus?

The presidential election may take weeks to resolve itself but we believe after we have a resolution, another stimulus package will come to the American people. Mitch McConnell wants a package no more than $1.5 Trillion while Democrats are wanting a package in excess of $2.2 Trillion. This article takes a look at different scenarios on whoever is elected and whoever takes the Senate. We believe that the package could come as early as December and as late as February. A lot of economists fear that the longer we wait for a stimulus package, the more the economy could be hurt.