Indianapolis Financial Planner for Doctors & Medical Groups

As a medical professional, it’s paramount that you entrust your financial assets to a trusted advisor. At Galecki Financial Management, we specialize in providing financial and investment advising services for doctors and medical professionals.

Living in the capital and the largest city in Indiana, your have many options for managing your financial assets. It is optimal for you to find a team that specializes in comprehensive financial planning and management, is client-centered, and able to provide a personalized approach according to your needs and goals.

To become a doctor, one has to go through the arduous process of studying for decades from college to medical school and to residency — and many, in turn, incur student loan debt for it.

This poses a unique financial challenge but can be remedied, though, with the help of a physician-friendly financial advisor in Indianapolis who will provide you with reliable financial planning solutions.


Financial Challenges for Doctors in Indianapolis

As a doctor, you entered the workforce later than others because of the intensive studying and training necessary to enter this profession. Since you were required to delay gratification for so long, you may start to spend with complete disregard.

Social pressure can pose another financial challenge for you. Certain expectations of wealth and lifestyle are associated with the medical field, and as a physician, you may feel pressured to live up to those expectations rather than strategically managing your money for the future.


Financial Planning for Indianapolis Doctors

At Galecki Financial Management, we offer a team of financial advisors for Indianapolis doctors and medical groups that provides a comprehensive service that will help you reach your short and long-term goals. Our service includes:

  • Employee seminars
  • Diversified portfolio strategies
  • Investment options
  • Broad-based financial planning

We are committed to providing the highest quality of customer service. In a time when customer service is deteriorating, we are going against the trend. We do not view our clients as merely numbers. Your financial objectives and goals are unique, and we want to be a trusted financial advising partner as you strive towards your aspirations and dreams.

With our fee-only service, we assure Indianapolis healthcare professionals that our focus is you. This way, you will be able to be focus more on your medical practice while we manage your finances.


Financial Services Offered for Indianapolis Doctors


Initial Financial Interview

This is a two-hour review of your current financial position to create projections based on certain assumptions. It also presents an overview of your current situation that helps us make sound decisions.


Broad-based Financial Planning

This part of the process determines the status of your plan or expectation to help reduce income taxes, increase cash flow, better utilize employee benefits, plan for retirement needs, and meet any additional educational goals.


Asset Management

Through regular meetings, we will focus our research on historical returns, low risks, and low expense ratios.


Retirement Plan Fiduciary Services

As we offer a fee-only basis mode of payment, we collaborate on managing and modifying your situation to apply necessary changes that will benefit you through evaluation of performance of your funds, selecting and recommending funds, review plans and more.

The times are changing and we have no control over our future. With solid financial planning and sound investments, you are assured that no matter what happens, your finances are secured and ready to help you and your loved ones when you need it.

At Galecki Financial Management, we provide a client-centric financial management service for Indianapolis doctors and medical groups. Our goal is to help you be financially secured and ready to take on the future. Talk to us for more information on how you are able to benefit from this investment.