Indianapolis Retirement Planner

For your carefree retirement days in Indianapolis, Indiana, make use of our Indianapolis retirement planning services. Our team will pair your goals with our knowledge of the Indianapolis area.

Indianapolis Retirement Planning

There are many different options of retirement plans to choose from, including:


  • 401(k), 403(b) and 457(b) plans, which include payroll deductions as well as matching and profit sharing contributions
  • Simplified employee pension (SEP) consists of monthly contributions for the self-employed
  • Savings incentive match plan for employees (SIMPLE) has higher contribution limits for the self-employed
  • Profit sharing plans allow employers to contribute on a discretionary basis, deciding on the amount each year around
  • New comparability plans are for companies looking to make a division in contributions
  • Money purchase plans (MPP) are for contributions based on the percentage of the employee’s annual salary
  • Cash balance plans (hybrid plans) are for contributions based on the salary and guaranteed rate or index


Choose a plan that both corresponds to your needs and in compliance with regulations. Take into account the fact that the more you contribute toward tax-deferred retirement accounts, the lower your taxable income will be.

Be sure to know that there are limitations for every retirement plan, such as the amount of contributions available for tax deduction purposes.

That is why our financial advisors in Indianapolis are available to make sure that your selected retirement plan meets all of your requirements.


How Much Money Do You Need to Save for Retirement in Indianapolis?

How much do you need to save for your retirement depends on your current and future spending. Take your desired annual retirement income and divide it by 4% – this is the most generic way of calculating the amount of money you will need. It takes into account the largest amount of money you will have to redraw to pay for your living expenses. For this calculation to be accurate, you need to make at least a 5% return on your retirement savings.

Keeping all the money in cash or saving sporadically won’t cut it. Make sure to start investing in your retirement plan as soon as possible. That way, investment growth will be greater and you will have to save less out of pocket. Invest carefully, so you get to keep your savings in the retirement, living off the earnings your investments provide.


Retirement Planning for Indianapolis Residents

The usual advice is that you have to aim to replace 70%-90% of your annual pre-retirement income – you are able to do this through savings or Social Security funds. You also have the option to choose to downsize your house to cut your retirement spending and replace it with a more suitable living space.

With this strategy, you save on maintenance, insurance, utilities, and tax costs of the house. If you’re looking to retire near Indianapolis, Indiana, explore these ten suburbs.

With our Indianapolis financial planning services, we provide you support to choose the best options for your retirement. We help you develop a plan so that you can save enough to live off of your investment returns and enjoy your carefree retirement days in the beautiful city of Indianapolis.