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We’re proud to be a Fee-Only financial planning firm, meaning we are only compensated for our time and services. We never receive commissions for selling products, because we believe a commission is more than just a commission – it’s a conflict of interest. We don’t get paid by anyone but you, because we don’t work for anyone but you. At Galecki, our only incentive is to help you succeed.

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While we pride ourselves on providing a suite of financial planning services, everything we do is rooted in our two primary service offerings – Initial Financial Overview and Wealth Management.

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Initial Financial Overview

The Initial Financial Overview (IFO) is packaged as a two-hour review of the Client’s current financial situation. It is designed to be an overview of your current situation with projections for your future based on certain assumptions.

Click here to download our Initial Financial Overview (IFO) Questionnaire.

The IFO may cover topics such as retirement cash flow analysis, education funding and planning, tax planning, insurance needs, estate planning, and investment allocation and planning. The direction of the IFO typically depends on your needs.

The IFO will come with reports outlining the projections and a letter detailing the assumptions used, results of preliminary projections, and our recommendations. The fee for the IFO is $300. If you become a Client within 6 months of your IFO, the IFO fee is reimbursed.

Wealth Management

At Galecki, Wealth Management is the process of determining where you are, where you’re going, and how best to get there. 

We customize a financial plan to fit your personal situation, goals and objectives. We begin our relationship with reviewing the various aspects of your financial life, which includes retirement planning, risk management and insurance needs, estate planning, tax planning, education planning, and any other items that impact your plan. As the picture comes into focus, we plot out the most effective and efficient use of your economic resources to ensure you are on track to meet your goals.

We continue to monitor, review, and adjust your plan as life changes and goals shift.

We manage your portfolio using a diversified model approach. Our diversified portfolios use no-load mutual funds and ETFs. These funds do not have sales charges or surrender charges and do not pay commissions. As a Fee-Only financial advisory firm, our compensation is not based on generating a commission – meaning you can always count on our objectivity. 

Our investment strategy is long-term in nature and encompasses your entire financial situation. We adhere to a disciplined course of investing. Our investment committee evaluates, selects and monitors investments for your managed portfolio.

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